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How to get a TOEFL voucher in Australia

TOEFL iBT test is a widely accepted, world-renowned computer-based English proficiency test. It is for those looking out for academic, professional and immigration opportunities. It is accepted around the world with Australia being no exception. It is accepted. The Australian government approves this test. It is required for visa applications and study abroad prospects in Australia and worldwide.

It is one of the most cost-effective English Proficiency Test which is accepted far and wide. Both by Australian universities, visas, with a completely fair and impartial scoring system.

ACE Testing Hub is the official, preferential and allotted TOEFL iBT voucher reseller in Australia. As a result of this exclusive partnership, they are in a position to offer the best at competitive rates. They support all those who are keen on undertaking this test. ACE Testing Hub is a global test centre partner to some of the world’s largest testing groups. It works with partners from around the globe. It aims to bring about world-class testing practices.

A team of committed professionals with a high level of skills and know-how in high stakes testing from all over the world run this testing hub. It comprises of a group of specialists with years of testing experience.  They have worked with professionals, companies, universities which are predominantly English in nature

The payment towards a TOEFL through the ACE Testing Hub is highly secure. It is processed via 128 bit SSL encryption. Cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex are acceptable. A credible card processing company is used to charge your card. It is hundred percent protected and the sensitive information about your card. The information is not stored on its website. The voucher code is received within 24 hours of post-payment confirmation.

It is evident that the ACE Testing Hub is trusted TOEFL iBT test voucher reseller in Australia. It has the safest and securest gateway for making payments. There is also a difference in the usual TOEFL fee and that offered by ACE Testing HUB. Once the test voucher is purchased, one is also eligible to receive free preparation material for the test.

You can buy TOEFL iBT discount voucher from ACE Test Hub and save AU$120 on your TOEFL exam fee. The voucher is valid Australia wide. You can simplify by booking for your TOEFL test via TOEFL voucher through ACE Test Hub. It is Australia’s only authorised TOEFL voucher reseller. You can also buy the voucher online with a few quick and easy steps from ACE Test Hub- ETS Band Ambassador. Ask for your TOEFL score discount code. Grab the chance of receiving free prep material when you book TOEFL test via a voucher. Buy it now online

ACE Testing Hub is the exclusive TOEFL iBT voucher reseller in Australia. ACE offers a special discount voucher.  This can be redeemed on the TOEFL website ‘book a test’ at a selected venue on an available date.

Buying any number of TOEFL vouchers is possible. However, it is not possible to book two exam slots at a time. There has to be a break of 12 days between two exams.

You can use the ETS website to register online. Booking your test from this website is easy. You can also view our page on ‘Booking a Test’ to get a more in-depth step-by-step process. This collaboration between ETS and ACE Testing Hub makes TOEFL the most competitively priced English test in Australia. It also makes it the most reliable among all voucher resellers.

TOEFL iBT opens up a world of opportunities for its aspirants, both personally and professionally. All universities in Australia accept TOEFL iBT scores.  Additionally all well known as leading professional institutes and establishments. It is accepted by the Australian government to meet the English language criteria for a wide range of visas.

These could be a) Student b) Post-study Work c) Skilled Migration d) Permanent Residence.

TOEFL iBT test is carried out widely across Australia.  There is no doubt that ACE Testing Hub is a suitable and popular choice among scores of people.

Book your free consultation now. We here at Ace test hub are here to help make it easier for you.


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Book TOEFL iBT English Exam via a TOEFL test voucher and Save $120 on TOEFL® Test Voucher.

Buy a TOEFL voucher for AU$298 only.

ACE Test Hub is the authorized reseller and the TOEFL voucher is valid Australia wide.